June 2012

Just wanted to say, I had a horrible lumpy scar on my lip. I was so self conscious of it because whenever I put lipstick on, it looked like I had a huge lump of it on the side of my mouth (when in fact it was the scar). Coleen was able to use an amazing painless tool to break up the scar tissue. When I looked at my mouth the next day I could hardly believe my eyes. The scar is virtually GONE! This scar had embarrassed me for 5 years and now I never have to think about it again. THAT is amazing. Thank you SO much!
Leila W

March 2013

Coleen is a dedicated and caring esthetician, with a true passion for making every face truly beautiful. She has helped to restore youth to my face with a specifically personalized skin care system, hydrating facials, and microcurrent face lift treatments. I can't talk about these enough, because I was ready to go under the knife until I discovered this little known secret (microcurrent facelift). I suggest Coleen to all my friends, and I hope everyone who reads this and wants to improve their skin and look younger without expensive, painful surgery will give her a call!
Michele C 

May 2013

Coleen is a caring professional. My experience was remarkable in every way. The office is relaxing with state of the art equipment and gentle products. My face looks and feels amazing! The broken capillaries in my face are disappearing, the texture of my skin is firmer and clear and I am looking forward to scheduling another appointment for one of the many services offered. I highly recommend "A Beautiful Face & Skin Care"!
Carol V.

July 2013

Wonderful esthetician with great customer service.  Very dedicated to your skin being healthy.  I would strongly recommend Coleen
Joyce L

July 2013

Coleen is great and very generous with her time. I have been going to see her for over a year and my skin looks great. She is very affordable and very loving. This is the best treat a person can do for themselves or buy as a present for others. Go see her! Worth it
Melissa G.

August 2013

Coleen is a true professional, very personable and enjoyable to be with, all the while delivering exactly what she promises. She is a perfect compliment to my dermatologist and has made those imperfections that my dermatologist said I'd "just have to live with", disappear!
Christine B.

October 2013
My face is doing so much better thanks to you! I plan on getting a few more facials to clear everything up for good! I'm very happy with the facial you gave me, its a start to a new beginning for me because its been such a long time since my face has been clear. Thank you so much.
Courtney S.