"She Said What?!?"

"She said what?!?"

For almost 8 years now, clients have told me there's so much information and they'd like a page on the website to refer to so...8 years later this is that page! Not really sure of format at the moment but scroll through and see what's here. I'll include links to several references when possible. I'll always be adding new things so...stay tuned!

Skin Care Instructions:

More than likely you received samples of my skin care during a first time facial service. Here are instructions for each item:

Tri-Chai or Gently Clearing Cleansers:

  • Using a damp esthetics sponge, dispense approximately a dime to nickle sized amount of cleanser on edge of sponge and spread by folding the sponge. You may also use just your clean hands instead of a sponge if you have sensitive skin.
  • Dampen face slightly and using light, circular motion cleanse entire face.
  • Splash with warm water and pat dry with clean towel. You may also run the sponge under warm water and use it to gently remove cleanser from face. 
  • Gently Clearing Cleanser may be used as a spot treatment on active breakouts by putting a drop on the infected area and allowing it to sit for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Balanced Calm or Gently Clearing Toner:

  • After cleansing, lightly mist over face (avoiding eye area). You may use your hands to press the toner into your skin.
    Helpful hint: if you keep the toner a bit damp and apply moisturizer right after, you'll use way less moisturizer and it acts as a delivery mechanism to draw the toner into the skin.

Fresh Blooms Moisturizer:

  • While toner is still damp, apply a small amount of moisturizer to entire face and lightly massage until mostly absorbed.
  • Everyone's skin is different. If your face feels a bit oily, more than likely you applied too much moisturizer. Next time try a bit less until you are satisfied with how it feels on your face. This moisturizer was created for both a day and night time usage and works with both the Tri-Chai and Gently Clearing lines.

Potential Natural Fixes

During a facial service, we normally have a chance to chat about diet, household things, DIY, pretty much everything. What follows are things I have found that have work for me with attached references of where I found the information.