Microcurrent Face Lifts

Microcurrent Face Lifts ("Lunch Time Lifts)

Microcurrent face lifts are truly amazing! Faradic electrical current is used, much like a TENS unit. Muscles are re-educated to tighten lax muscles by using the electric probes in a "contraction" or slight pinching technique on the neck and chin areas, the upper eyes to lift the brows and "unhood" eyes, and hairline scalp muscles. Much like a "sit-up" or "crunch" contracts the muscles of your abdomen.

Wrinkles are treated a little differently as they are lengthened or smoothed - kind of like a "yoga" workout for the face to relax and assist the muscle to "let go" of the wrinkle. This works well on the nasolabial fold (also known as the marionette lines), under eyes, upper lip, and "Elevens" between the brows. 

Results are seen with the first treatment but are not lasting until the 6th to 8th treatment which need to be spread out no more than 5 days apart. Maximum results are generally seen by the 12th to 14th treatment after which maintenance treatments every 4 - 8 weeks.